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Integration of ergonomics into hand tool design: principle and presentation of an example. The development of ergonomic tools responds to health protection needs on the part of workers, especially the work related musculoskeletal disorders of the upper limbs and to the development of ergonomic tools to take into account the needs of the factories.

Only an ergonomic design process can enable tool manufacturers to meet these requirements.


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Practicing universal design to actual hand tool design process. Integration has always been an important part of application development. Mendix offers a variety of protocols, frameworks, and APIs for integrating systems to Mendix applications and between disparate software solutions. But before you pick a technology to use for an integration, identifying the use case will help inform the decision you will make. A common use case for Mendix is to build modern UIs and mobile apps on top of legacy systems. You still see a lot of SOAP-based web services when connecting to legacy systems.

For custom protocols, you can use the Connector Kit to easily provide access from Mendix applications.

Tool Integration beyond Wasserman

Increasingly, software components and functionality are offered as a service. All the large cloud vendors offer many interesting services, from text to image recognition, from address validation to complete business process automation. Many companies participate in digital ecosystems. APIs to expose data, algorithms, transactions and business processes play a crucial part in this goal.

Jile - Enterprise Agile Planning tool + DevOps Tools Integration Hub

APIs enable an independent group of enterprises, people and things to collaborate on a standardized digital platform. To achieve speed and agility in your software development process, separating your solutions into small components that can be developed and operated by small autonomous DevOps teams has become essential. Sharing data and logic between multiple apps often takes significant effort to implement. Mendix helps you by generating most of the required APIs based on your microflows and domain model entities.

For microservices , decoupling your components using a message bus or iPaaS, will bring additional benefits like improved uptime and scalability. Mendix works well with most commercial messaging products. Real-time push-based messaging is usually provided through REST webhooks. Microservices best practices promote the concept of smart end-points and dumb pipes.

Flexible Integration Options to Support Next Generation Low-Code Applications

In practice, this means that your message bus is only responsible for transporting messages between apps. The apps themselves need to be able to translate a message into any format they need. Developers of mobile apps usually need a backend to store their data and integrate with backend systems.

No need to spend a lot of time building a backend, and no need to learn another backend language and database technology just to store your mobile data. Mendix is not limited to just storing data for your applications.

Integration Testing: What is, Types, Top Down & Bottom Up Example

Because of its strong support for logic and integration, we see customers using Mendix as a Digital Integration Hub. The Mendix-based backend retrieves data from other backend applications and services, handling data transformation and validation. And best of all, creating administrative web pages to manage your back office processes is a piece of cake with Mendix. Building these back office webpages usually takes a lot more effort with specialized mBaaS solutions. As mentioned above, one major goal of our integration facilities is to connect to external systems.

We aim to make this as simple and productive as possible. However, when dealing with external systems, productivity is not enough. Control, agility, and collaboration are important aspects to consider. When dealing with systems not under your control, having control over integration details can be very important. You need to be able to adjust to the other side, as these are not always implemented correctly according to spec, or they may be old systems, using old practices. This means you need a simple and flexible way to convert messages between external systems and your Mendix application.

In Mendix this is handled with mappings. You can define import mappings to convert received messages into Mendix objects. When sending objects to external systems, you can convert them using export mappings. Mappings are reusable, meaning that you can use them for Web Services, Rest services and for connector kit integrations as well.

Speed is not just about raw productivity, but also about easily being able to change your applications. When external systems depend on your services, or vice-versa, being able to modify your application without impacting external dependencies is critical. Two important tools will help you here: versioning of APIs and explicit contracts about the messages exchanged. To ensure the messages you exchange remains the same, you can define these messages using message definitions.

Depending on the use case, this can be done using an xml-schema, a json structure, or a message definition started from one of your domain model entities. The following screenshot shows a message definition started from an entity. If you have associated entities, you can include these to define the aggregate message, e. Versioning is built into Rest publish. You can specify a version for your API, and make it part of your endpoint address.

When you need to provide an API with different behavior you provide a new version simply by copying the original definition and changing the version number. This allows you to run two versions side-by-side until everyone has migrated to the new version. Standard shipments are via USPS media mail.

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