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You and a few friends play as thieves attempting to pull off an elaborate heist, and how it goes down is completely up to you. Do you create a distraction?

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Do you hide in a toilet? Do you focus on building up one of your teammates' powers at the cost of your own? Do you kick teamwork to the curb, sell out your buddies, and make a mad dash for the loot? It's all your call in a game where watching everything fall to pieces is nearly as satisfying as seeing a plan finally come together. The original Natural Selection was one of the best Half-Life mods around, and this standalone sequel looks to continue that tradition and then some.

Pick a side, make a plan, and then leap right into the action. If you're looking for something different to scratch your multiplayer itch after dominating Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Black Ops, this is your game. Games have been known to frequently excite and startle players, but rare is the game that kicks back, relaxes, and slowly melts all your stresses away.

NightSky's not exactly a trip to the spa, but its focus on ambient sights and sounds, challenging puzzles, and the simple act of rolling a ball helps the game achieve a similar affect. It's quiet and simple, sure, but well worth a look. Rock of Ages is the next out-of-the-ordinary outing from ACE Team, creators of the extraordinarily bizarre and just plain extraordinary Zeno Clash.

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The game is a competitive take on tower defense that sees you either build a boulder-blocking obstacle course or go on the attack by steering a speeding boulder. Also keeping with its lineage, Rock of Ages sports a completely gorgeous art style — this time inspired by ancient Greek, medieval, and Renaiassance paintings, among others. Generally, the "spy" part of "spy game" is a misnomer. After all, when your objective is to avoid being discovered, it's generally not in your best inerest to shout "this it totally bitchin'" while firing car chases at explosions yes, you read that correctly.

Spy Party, however, aims to tip-toe right over that pratfall, instead focusing on "human behavior, performance, perception, and deception. Sounds like a much-needed breath of fresh air to us, and we can't wait to get our hands on it. This time, though, the developer's stepping into the realm of smaller-scale special ops, resulting in a series of procedurally generated levels that allow you to infiltrate and subdue how ever you want.

The original Witcher was a solid though, at times, horribly written stab at sprawling PC RPG glory, and the Witcher 2 promises to follow in its footsteps. This time, however, you've got a revamped combat system in your corner, as well as tense, fast-moving timed conversations to keep your tongue nice and sharp. You'll need it all, too, since you'll be facing off with the big, bad Kingslayer.

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Honestly, that's the sort of nametag we steer clear of at social gatherings. We don't discriminate, mind you. Just call it a hunch. Algal cultures are influenced by a variety of environmental factors and they play a significant role in the production and composition of the photosynthetic pigments. In order to produce high biopigments containing biomass, much attention must be paid to culture status. Large-scale production of Spirulina biomass depends on many factors, the most important of which are nutrient availability, temperature and light 3.

There have been several reports relating to the effect of various environmental conditions which influence the growth of Spirulina and the composition of the biomass produced by causing changes in metabolism 14 , The objective of the present investigation is to evaluate the influence of different environmental factors i. The unialgal culture of cyanobacterium S. In order to find out the best culture condition for growth and biopigment accumulation in S. Influence of the environmental conditions was studied by varying temperature and light intensity in stepwise individual experiments. Varying light intensities i.

For the cultivation of S. To observe the influence of temperature on growth and pigment accumulation, the cultures of S. Similarly, the growth of S. During the process of growth, the cultures were shaken thrice a day to avoid clumping and accelerate the growth process. Growth was followed through dry weight, optical density and growth rate. Optical density OD was recorded with the help of photo-colorimeter at nm and Spectrophotometer was used for pigment estimation. Cultures were analyzed for their growth and pigment contents every 5 th day.

Biomass productivity of S. Maximum biomass concentration as dry weight i. The maximum growth rate i.

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Effect of various temperatures on biomass concentration of S. Effect of different temperatures on growth rate doubling day -1 of S. At different experimental irradiances, 2, lux was found to be the optimum light intensity for biomass production. Highest biomass 0. L -1 , optical density 0.

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Effect of different light intensities on biomass concentration dry weight g. Effect of different light intensities on growth OD of S. Effect of different lightintensities on growth rate doublingday -1 of S. Biopigment accumulation at different temperatures : After every 5 th day, known amount of cell mass was harvested and analyzed for its pigment contents. Effect of different temperatures and light Intensities on pigment composition of S. Among various light irradiances tested, 2, lux light intensity was found optimum for pigment accumulation. The yield of chlorophyll a was maximum i.

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There was an improvement in total carotenoid by increasing light irradiance level Table 1. Maximum PBP accumulation was found at 2, lux light intensity, but increase in light irradiance showed reduction in PBP production. Cultures receiving 2, lux had 7. At 2, and 2, lux light intensity no significant difference observed for PC and APC accumulation, but 2, lux showed the significant reduction in PE, so 2, lux was found optimum light intensity for PBP accumulation Table 1. Effect of different temperatures and light intensities on pigments of S. Growth analysis of cultures grown at different temperatures showed different growth patterns.

Growth curve of cultures at various temperatures revealed that S. Growth rate of S. Increased growth rate of S. Later it drops with further increase in temperature due to decrease in chlorophyll and other pigments. In addition, Ronda and Lele 19 and Ogawa et al. Earlier reports of Srivastava 22 , Bajaj 1 and Singh and Srivastava 21 confirm these observations. Temperature is the most fundamental factor for all living organisms as it affects metabolic processes and biochemical composition of cells. The optimal growth temperature and tolerance to the extreme values usually vary from strain to strain.

The growth rate, biomass production and biopigment accumulation of S. Further increase in light intensity shows reduction in growth due to drop in chlorophyll a synthesis. Improvement in the carotenoid content by increasing the light intensity is an adaptive mechanism by the organism for photoprotection. PBP also show decreased value with increase in light irradiance.

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It has been suggested that cyanobacteria prefer low light intensities and stimulate phycobiliprotein synthesis 8 because of their low specific maintenance energy rate and their pigment composition Pricing was mentioned in the news post bta had up before this thread. Pricing was guesstimated in march at between Euros. God damn. I always hated their dream machines. They spend way too much money on the wrong things, buy mediocre parts, and then slap the title of "best" on it. Just seems like a complete waste. They need to get a perfectionist on staff to set them straight.

Pestilence, post: " for a case? Who pays that much for a case? I got my Antec for Yeah its ugly as sin but it cools like a mofo. This is great! Glad to see CM bringing back the Cosmo case.